I've always been better at showing you who I am rather than telling you. Hence the photography. It comes from always being taught to "show your story instead of telling it" while learning how to write in an elementary school English class. 

I've been revolving around the camera for eleven years - eight years and counting in Los Angeles, CA. I've worked on every major studio lot in town, been on just about every major network, and there's likely not a single experience I haven't had as an actor. From playing the lead in a film, to a series regular on Fox, to a recurring guest star, to a guest star, to a co-star. Yeah. It's a lot. 

My heart and soul has always love telling stories any way that I can. That means I've studied and worked extensively and professionally to bring my best work not only to the lens of the camera, but behind it as well. I've trained in photography courses on how to capture people and their unique essence. It's one of my many passions along with a growing music and literary career. I love working candidly with people.

I always bring myself to the table. My personality naturally seeks out the humor in any situation which reflects in my portraits whether they're editorial, a family photo, or just a headshot. I do it all. Classically trained. The benefit of keeping up to date with your craft. 

My website here is always shifting and transforming into something new, so head over to the other pages and get in touch. Let's make something together!

live free, because you can live no other way



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