I started acting when I was eight. Musical theatre will always be my first love when it comes to the arts, even though I was writing and singing way before I even knew what 'Oz Community Childrens Theatre' was in my hometown of Fort Walton Beach, FL.

I have a passion for putting a smile on people's faces by showing them how beautiful they are with my own camera. But, I love putting a smile on my own face too. Which is why I dedicate myself so wholeheartedly to acting. When you find something that gives you endless amounts of joy, do it. It'll lead to happy things for everyone else involved. 

Now, below, is the link to my imdb.com page which houses my reels, my own (up to date) headshots, and resume below. Admittedly, that resume isn't complete. It does not show you the commercials I have been in, or the print ads, or any of my special skills. SO. Because a big long paragraph always deserves a satisfying conclusion, I'll list the special skills on my resume exactly as they are. Word for word. Promise. 

Voice, Stage Combat, Tae Kwon Do (Brown Belt), Crochet, Ice Skating, Piano, Songwriting, Southern Accent, British Accent, Horseback Riding, Ballet, Burping on Command, Aerialist

No, the burping thing isn't a lie. Yes, I can demonstrate in person. 


"acting is telling one story, while suppressing another"


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